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'Gee Seven'

Gee Seven is a toe-tapping new song created by Sir Tim Rice and Peter Hobbs for Sing2G7 to sing with the world.


Through the Sing2G7 project, over 27,000 young voices in 31 countries joined to sing to G7 leaders about issues such as Climate Change, Poverty and Covid. Visit our CHOIRS PAGE to hear some.


Find out what inspired the young singers by clicking on Truro Cathedral Choristers'

 'Gee Seven' song video or visit our Song or Edu-Pack pages for learning resources.

All Sing2G7 resources are free. However, realising how vulnerable some of our co-singers' families were in poorer countries, we decided to fundraise for the Unicef Vaccinaid appeal. With your help, we raised £8434, enough for 10,000 vaccines. 

Thank you for taking part in Sing2G7. Please let us know how you use the song or resources!

Single Cover for Sing2G7's Gee Seven by

What is Sing2G7?

Sing2G7 is an apolitical international engagement programme with a vision to enable children to raise their voices in song and be heard by world leaders. 


Sing2G7 was conceived and is run by a tiny team of volunteers with the support of creative professionals and seven strong partners, including Truro Cathedral and Truro School.


All our resources are free, but if you'd like to contribute to our Vaccinaid

UNICEF Crowdfunder appeal, please click below


Please follow us on social media and send us your feedback.


Thank you! 

The Sing2G7 Team



What is G7?

How will it affect my future?

girl writing.jpeg
Muslim girl learning.jpg

What is a good leader?

How can I be heard?  



We hope to help kids explore

these questions and to make their voices audible to leaders

as they sit in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, UK, in June 2021, deciding how to ‘Build Back Better' for us all.


'Don't let the others down’

We're supporting UNICEF’s

worldwide Covax programme.


If you enjoy our free music and teaching resources and feel financially able, please click the box above to make a donation. You can leave a message if you like.


You'll be helping Sing2G7 singers around the world to raise £5,000 to vaccinate

those in need.


Every little donation could save a life.

Thank you!


Please bear with us as we launch. We're a tiny team of volunteers with a great big vision!  We hope you'll be part of it!

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