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Truro School

Sing2G7 partner, Truro School, immediately said 'Yes' to our request for G7 themed  lessons. 'Our teachers have loved creating these resources. We hope you enjoy them and that together we can spark a curiosity that might last a lifetime’

Andy Johnson, Head, Truro School


G7 Themed Edu-Pack created by our partner Truro School and the Sing2G7 team.

Truro School teachers were inspired by our vision to make G7 relevant to children everywhere. They've created some wonderful G7 themed lessons for teachers everywhere to share. We have a variety of lessons for KS 2 (8-11 years), KS3 (12-14 years) and, coming soon, KS1 and Early Years. There are core subjects, G7 policy areas, a module on Exploring Leadership, a Green Energy module on Ground Source Heat Pumps by Kensa and one on Water Conservation by South West Water! Thank you everyone who has contributed!


Click on the icons to download the lessons. The first time you'll be asked to create a login. Please do feed back to us, how you get on and send us pictures of work or anything you'd like to share:


All resources are freely given, but if you feel financially able and would like to help us raise £5,000 for UNICEF's international Covax appeal, we'd be very grateful. £25 provides 20 life-saving doses of Covid vaccine but every little donation helps. Just click on the 'Give The World A Shot' button below. Thank you! The Sing2G7 volunteer team. 


Don't let the others down’

Can you help us support UNICEF’s worldwide Covax programme? If you enjoy these resources and are able, please click above and help Sing2G7 raise £5,000. Every little donation might save a life. Thank you!


Please share your work

We're making a gallery to celebrate pupils' work from around the world. See below.

You can send us pictures or feedback by email:

Or teachers can post on social media using #Sing2G7 and tagging us in @Sing2G7


Happy Learning and thank you for joining in! The Sing2G7 volunteer team.

Global Schools' Gallery

We'd love to celebrate your pupils' work and hear what you're doing. You can send us pictures or feedback by email: Or schools can post on social media using #Sing2G7 and tagging us in @Sing2G7

Our great thanks to all those who prepared these educational materials for us to share!




Annabel Gregory – Drama Co-ordinator, English, Humanities Teacher (Key Stage 2)
Maggie Issaka – PSHE, Humanities, Pastoral Care Co-ordinator (Key Stage 2)
James Frewer – Deputy Head (Primary)
Jane Ashdown – Art Co-ordinator (Primary)
Katie Hill – RS Teacher (Senior)
Jo Wormald – Head of Geography (Senior) 
Sarah Finnegan - Head of Biology (Senior)
Pete Sharp  - Key Stage 1 Co-ordinator
Kate Williams – Early Years Co-ordinator 
Sienna Chapman – Key Stage 1 Teacher
Katy Millne – Key Stage 1 Teacher
Natasha Mikail-Jones – Early Years and Forest School Teacher
Charlotte Banks – Nursery Teacher
Lianne Searle – Early Years Teacher

Green Energy Module: The Kensa Heat Pumps Team

Leadership module: Vicky Garner, Esmé Page, Sing2G7

Truro School
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