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With great thanks to the Sing2G7 Partners

Sing2G7 is a partnership project. Partners support us generously 'in kind' with services, advice and connections. 

Sing2G7 was conceived and is run by a tiny team of volunteers with the support of many pro bono creative professionals. Please see our Creative Team page to appreciate their contribution. Sing2G7 has no government funding. 

f you would like to support Sing2G7 in kind or with funds so that we can amplify our work, please email


We would love to hear from you.


Thank you!

Christopher Gray, Esmé Page, Vicky Garner and Sarah McLachlan. 

The Sing2G7 team

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'Don't let the others down'

If you enjoy our free resources

and are financially able,

please click the blue box above and help us reach our £5,000 target to help

UNICEF's worldwide

COVID vaccination programme

for those in need!

Thank you! 

With great thanks to our supporters:

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