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Sing2G7 Creative Team

Sing2G7 is a concept created jointly by Chris Gray (Director of Music, Truro Cathedral) and Esmé Page (Founder, Cornwall Hugs) who collaborated on the ‘Grenfell from Today’ song of solidarity. Vicky Garner (Garner&Tonic) and Sarah McLachlan, bringing their communication and project coordination expertise complete the core volunteer team.

Sing2G7 has attracted the outstanding skills of an exceptional creative team who have gifted their expertise to bring the vision to life, through music and film.

Joseph Wicks (The Gesualdo Six) wrote the arrangement of Peter Hobb's music for Gee Seven for Truro Cathedral's Choristers.

Director of Photography, Chris Yacoubian, led the film-making team. Chris brings 30 years’ experience in TV and film, including productions like ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘How do you solve a problem like Maria?’

Drone cameraman Duncan Scobie brings his incredible talent to bring the bird’s eye perspective to the film while Audio Engineer Andrew Gemmill ensured that sound quality was top notch. The creative team was further augmented by Christiaan Bailey, Luke Brown (stills photography), Aaron Hindes, Jon Raftery and Mitch Adams (Three S Films, editing). Jon Stubbington kindly supported with design and Fourth Day with media relations support.

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